Evaluation of potsherds features using hyperspectral maps generated by μ-LIBS scanner

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Stefano Pagnotta
Marco Lezzerini
Asia Botto
Beatrice Campanella
Stefano Legnaioli
Giulia Lorenzetti
Vincenzo Palleschi
Poggialini Francesco


The micro-laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (µ-LIBS) technique allows performing fast elemental analyses, without sample preparation and thus making it specifically useful in the analysis of the composition of ancient potsherd. The µ-LIBS instrument is equipped with a microscope and a scanning system allowing to realize small craters (about Ø = 25 µm) in order to obtain detailed hyperspectral surfaces maps (up to a maximum size of one square centimeter). The data are processed by Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) method to visualize in 2D representations allowing significant information on the technological features of ceramic samples.


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