Capture and transformation of urban soundscape data for artistic creation

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José Alberto Gomes
Nuno Peixoto de Pinho
Filipe Lopes
Gustavo Costa
Rui Dias
Diogo Tudela
Álvaro Barbosa


URB is a research project designed to collect and store raw data from soundscapes analysis. This paper presents a survey about using URB based on the analysis of work developed by several artists, focusing on the description of their creative process and outcome. By comparing the processes and statements of each artists, the authors identified diverse systematic approaches to reinterpreting raw data provided by urban soundscapes, raising questions about the artistic outcomes vs original sound sources. Furthermore, some considerations are inferred about the artistic relevance of using this process in the creation process.

Keywords: Soundscapes, Data reinterpretation, Networked music, Composition, Data visualization


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