Market and Competition Law Review (M&CLR) is an academic legal journal in English with a double review process published twice a year by Universidade Católica Editora. It focuses on important, current internal market and competition issues and is meant to be a forum of excellence, promoting the scientific debate and gathering therefore high-profile academics, lawyers, judges, civil servants, consultants and regulatory bodies. It intends to promote the legal debate in these areas, allowing a broader understanding and, consequently, a more effective enforcement of the law in these fields.

Authors can submit different types of contributions (see General Information and Call for Papers), but must ensure that the submission is original and has not been previously published or submitted to other journals for consideration, whether printed or electronic, by signing a Declaration of Originality.

M&CLR is an open-access Journal, with a 12-month embargo. To access an article before it is available online on open-access, consider an annual subscription.

Publisher: Universidade Católica Editora - Porto

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