Audiovisual essays: unveiling the mystery behind the object

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Carlos Natálio


The beginning of an audiovisual section in the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts has two main goals: the first one is for contributing for the acceptance of these objects in the academic field, especially within the most common practices and criteria of acceptance, reviewing and publishing. For this, we’ll have in each number a call for audiovisual essays, that will be submitted to a peer-reviewed system of evaluation. Each audiovisual essay will be accompanied by a research statement written by the author, articulating research aims and the process of work. After acceptance, the audiovisual essay and author’s statement will be published alongside the reviewers’ critical evaluation of the work; the second goal of this section will be to create a conceptual discussion around audiovisual essay as a pedagogical and academic tool, in order to generate concepts and criteria for evaluation and scientific consideration.

Keywords: Audiovisual essay